Kelowna Tours for Wine Tastings

The visit to the cellars naturally changes according to the time of year.

The itinerary continues inside the wine-making cellar, where guests remain suspended on walkways, to observe from above the steel tanks in which the transformation from must to wine takes place. And here, during the harvest period, the smell is intoxicating, and you can watch all the processes.

The Kelowna wine tour ends in the cellar, entirely underground, where the wines age under suggestive vaults.

The Tasting

The tasting is one of the most anticipated moments; it is the real closing of the circle. You have known the soil, the territory, the history of those wines, and those who produced them; you have discovered how they are produced and stored and now is the time when all these stories acquire a meaning and a meaning: tasting.

Wine & Lunch

The tour will start immediately with a visit to a family-run winery, where, accompanied by the staff, you will discover the company’s history, the peculiarities of the soil and the vinification methods, ending with the assisted tasting of three different types.

A rural house, hidden among the rows of vineyards, which bases its work on principles of honesty and respect, You will be able to taste white wine, meats and cheeses, and other simple and quality local products, choosing them directly from the shelves, shelves and refrigerators placed available. You can then compose your personalized tasting in full autonomy, and finally, according to the price list, exit leaving the amount in the container for use at the cashier.

Food And Wine Pairings As A Starter

The main course arrives; take out your best bottle for a successful food and wine pairing!

Duck breast: What better than a wine from the South-West to perfect a duck breast? Serve a Bergerac or a red Cahors with powerful tannins to spice up this tender meat. You will tell us the news!

Fish: Serve Champagne on fish foil; it’s fresh, fragrant and sweet at the same time!

Chicken: A chicken curry will go perfectly with a red Côtes du Rhône or a Montagne Saint-Emilion (Bordeaux). The red wine will reduce the spicy side of the dish while enhancing the flavours of the poultry.

Which Wines To serve With Cheese

Red, white, rosé, there is something for everyone when it comes to cheese …

Hard cheese: To sublimate a sheep’s cheese, serve a red Irouléguy from the South-West. For a Comté, prefer a Jura wine with the Arbois appellation, whether in white, rosé or red, you have the choice!

Soft cheese: To perfect your Camembert, we advise you to taste it with a red Bandol from Provence. Serve a Bourgogne Aligoté blanc which will go very well with goat cheese: a soft and delicate accord at the same time.

Which Wines Enhance Your Desserts?

The end of the meal is approaching, and you still want to make your guests’ taste buds salivate?

Chocolate desserts: How not to eat chocolate for dessert? We recommend a Monbazillac du Sud-Ouest, a sweet wine, which will sweeten the chocolates with the most cocoa content. Otherwise, a Banyuls wine from Languedoc-Roussillon (white, rosé, red) will enhance your chocolate desserts as they should.

Fruit desserts: for a red fruit dessert, you can serve a Coteaux du Layon blanc from Pays de Loire, a sweet wine, to bring a touch of sugar to the fruit.

A Couple Of Tips

The wine tour (or tasting) comes in various levels. I conventionally divide them into three categories: 1) For beginners, 2) For those with experience, 3) For specialists.

Beginners are better off drinking something simple to navigate the wine system. You can go to a private wine farm. Better to choose cheap tastings without fear of low-quality wines. You also need to know those. Do not get carried away with expensive tastings – you still do not know what you are paying money for.

For those who already know a little about local wine-making, it is logical to look for non-trivial varieties. Homemade wines are less interesting to you, and it’s too simple.

If you are a specialist and a connoisseur, then you can afford expensive tastings. It can be costly, but you already know what you are paying for.

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