Cider and Wine Touring in Kelowna BC

You are going on vacation to a wine country and looking for the best place to wake up each morning to the view of picturesque vineyards. You have already reviewed all the offers and price ranges of wine tasting in nearby wine cellars. Or maybe you want to explore the gastronomy of a wine region not far from you.

Going to laze on a beach is not such a seductive idea as it used to be. Now you would like to get to know the locals who produce the wine and taste their local specialties. Knowing their history seems more interesting than sipping a cocktail on a crowded beach. Tasting is the first step towards getting to know the true local spirit. And once you’ve tasted a delicious wine, you might also want to know the winemaker who produced that perfect wine.

What to expect from a wine tour in Kelowna, British Columbia

It is well known that anyone who loves wine also loves sharing a glass with friends. We welcome you with a smile on our lips: and sympathy and authenticity are our watchwords! Our wines are known worldwide, but the territories where it is produced are still virgin for tourism: a food and wine tour in the Kelowna lands is still an authentic experience that is worth living!

The Cellar

A wine tour is primarily an immersive stay and, in its way, also educational in a limited territorial area, which has as its main theme the discovery of the wines and cellars of that same place.

A wine tour can include a visit to one or more wineries, and its duration can vary according to tastes and the area in which it is organized: you can sell out everything in the day or take tours that last weeks.

The organization can be delegated to an agency or tour operator, or you can take care of it yourself, booking online visits to the wineries that you consider most suitable.

But beyond the duration and organization, it is the phases of a wine tour and what to expect from it that interests us most.

Subsequently, the wine-making and ageing process is closely observed and explained inside the cellar. The link with the territory is always central, just as it is in the identity and character of the wine produced.

The visit to the cellars naturally changes according to the time of year.

The itinerary continues inside the wine-making cellar, where guests remain suspended on walkways, to observe from above the steel tanks in which the transformation from must to wine takes place. And here, during the harvest period, the smell is intoxicating, and you can watch all the processes.

The tour ends in the cellar, entirely underground, where the wines age under suggestive vaults.

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