Visiting Kelowna BC

We all know that many people want to go out of their homes and explore many different places. It can be a rewarding experience to travel with your loved ones once the pandemic is over because it robbed us of two years of freedom to explore, travel, and enjoy everything we want.

Suppose you want to visit Canada, where the urban and rural communities coalesce together. In that case, Kelowna in British Columbia is the best place to stay.

This article will tell you everything you need to know in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Kelowna is a sprawling city situated in the southern part of British Columbia. It is located in the Okanagan Valley, which is on the eastern shores of Okanagan Lake.

From its lush vegetation and many places to experience fresh air to its downtown filled with many attractions, urban amenities, and even a lakeside cultural district, Kelowna is the best place for you to enjoy the modernity and the classics at the same time.

Best time of the year to visit Kelowna

Although Kelowna is open to visitors all year long, you can fully experience the sights and wonders of the city from June to September. If you are visiting with a family, July and August are the best times since you can enjoy many activities that you and your kids would surely love.

If you want to comfortably enjoy Kelowna on your own, then June or September should be the best times for you. This is because the temperature is much better in these months. Also, the kids are already in school by September, so you can peacefully enjoy your time by yourself.

Things to do in the summer

Visiting Kelowna should be on your bucket list for those who want to experience the great outdoors of the Great White North. You can go for early morning hikes, single-track bike rides, and early tee times for starters.

Once you have fully immersed yourself in the summer charms of Kelowna, feel free to go kayaking or canoeing on the lake, or you can also give the Kelowna Paddle Trail a try. With its 27 kilometers filled with many different activities to do, you will indeed have the time of your life here.

If you are not active, Kelowna also offers wine tours on its vineyards, a u-pick session where you can pick whatever fruit is in season. Lastly, Kelowna also hosts various music acts in the city parks during the summer, so you can enjoy culture in summer too.

Things to do in winter

Kelowna offers magical activities in the winter, too, because Canada is the Great White North, after all. They offer many different activities that families and other travelers can enjoy in winter.

These activities include ice skating by the frozen lake, winter hiking, downhill skiing and snowboarding, fat biking, and snowmobiles. In addition, downhill skiing and snowboarding are the famous sports done in Kelowna.

If you do not like outdoor activities, Kelowna has got you covered with its many seasonal offerings done indoors. You can chug some seasonal beer from a craft brewery, browse different shops downtown, or grabbing a relaxing meal in a farm-to-table setup.

Lake Okanagan

Lake Okanagan is the heart of the city, where everything magical happens. It is a deep and large lake situated in the Okanagan Valley. This is where many seasonal activities happen, from swimming and water activities in the summer to skating on the lake in the winter months. The lake is an integral part of Kelowna, and without the lake, half of the charms that Kelowna has would be gone.

The Ogopogo

If Scotland has the Loch Ness monster, the Lake Okanagan has the Ogopogo. According to Canadian folklore, it is a lake monster that inhabits the lake. There were many reported sightings of the lake monster that started in 1872, but none of them were confirmed. Kelowna has used the Ogopogo as a tourist attraction, making it their version of Nessie in the Canadian waters.


Kelowna offers the best of both worlds in all four seasons, making it one of the best places to visit in British Columbia. You can enjoy many activities, from exploring the great outdoors to enjoying the many cultural and artistic offerings that the city has downtown. Whatever reason you have, Kelowna has got you covered.

Buying Souvenirs When Visiting Kelowna

Kelowna Souvenir Shop

Canada is home to numerous cities and counties, many of which have rich cultures and traditions. Also, there are scenic spots, wildlife, and other attractions. It is not surprising then that we want to bring a memento of their trip with home or give our loved ones a token to show our love.

One of the most popular things about Canada is the maple trees. The syrup from the tree is a globally recognized food item, which makes it a staple on our souvenir shopping lists. But, besides maple syrup, there are also other edible goods:

  • Chocolate
  • Cookies
  • Chips
  • Tea

In terms of non-food items, there are knitted jackets and sweaters. These comfortable clothes give off a sense of Canadian culture due to their beautiful designs and patterns. There are also handbags and purses made out of durable and fashionable materials.

Lastly, you can also enjoy display figurines and keychains. Inukshuk figures are made from granite and recyclable material. You may also use the keychains to decorate the following:

  • Car keys
  • Bags
  • Phones
  • Umbrellas
  • Other essential items

Who do people buy souvenirs for?

Tourists buy Kelowna souvenirs because they want to remember their trip. There might be an attraction or spot that left a mark on you, making you want to remember it for the rest of your life. Having a souvenir helps you treasure the memories you have from your journey.

In addition, you may also want to give souvenirs to your friends and family members. They might not be able to accompany you on the trip due to scheduling or costs, so giving them a gift helps share the happiness and vibe of the place.

Popular souvenirs to buy when traveling to Kelowna, BC, Canada

Kelowna is a city in British Columbia surrounded by lakes and other bodies of water. The parks and wildlife make for a fresh, scenic atmosphere. It is the perfect blend of modernity and nature, which is why you might want to take home with you a reminder of the place.

Some of the most popular Kelowna gifts you can purchase include:

  • Keychains
  • Coasters
  • Pocket knives
  • Wine glasses
  • T-shirts
  • Caps

Stemless wine glasses

Kelowna is part of the Okanagan region, a place known for wineries, plantations, and orchards. Naturally, the quality of wine is something to look out for, so wine glasses have become a staple in the area.

Some people opt to purchase a stemless wine glass because of its uniqueness. However, there are also more practical reasons:

  • Easier to hold
  • Made from durable materials
  • Less prone to spilling its contents
  • It does not break easily during handwashing
  • Works for many functions and events

Popular gift items in Okanagan BC

Wine Country Souvenirs is a shop that offers a wide selection of items for customers. You might want to purchase gift baskets from them, as they have various themes:

  • Cabernet
  • Napa Valley Fruit
  • Taste of Italy
  • Chocolates and Sweets
  • Best Wishes

Whether there is a special occasion like a birthday, or you want to give your loved ones a special gift, these wine baskets could hit the right spot. After all, they contain a wide selection of items. Some of them include:

  • Chocolates
  • Crackers
  • Wine
  • Cookies
  • Brownies
  • Mixed Nuts

Disposable wine glasses

Most people opt to go for long-term wine glasses, such as those made out of ceramic or aluminum. However, disposable ones are also a solid choice because you do not have to wash them anymore. You just need to throw them away properly.

Plastic is the most logical choice for a disposable wine glass because it can last throughout a whole event, like a dinner or party. Paper cups are prone to breaking and might get crushed easily. Plastic is also recyclable, and you can find versions that are fitting to your tastes.

The best way to look after your wine glasses

If you choose to keep a traditional wine glass, there are multiple ways to enjoy them. First, be sure to take good care of them when using or washing, since we tend to get carried away after a few drinks.

  • Rinse leftover wine after use.
  • Clean the dirty rims using a dry cloth.
  • Avoid circular motions when wiping the glass.
  • Store the glass in an upright position.

Make sure to exercise caution whenever washing them, as stemmed glasses break easily due to vigorous actions.

Wine Tasting Tours In Kelowna BC

Kelowna Tours for Wine Tastings

The visit to the cellars naturally changes according to the time of year.

The itinerary continues inside the wine-making cellar, where guests remain suspended on walkways, to observe from above the steel tanks in which the transformation from must to wine takes place. And here, during the harvest period, the smell is intoxicating, and you can watch all the processes.

The Kelowna wine tour ends in the cellar, entirely underground, where the wines age under suggestive vaults.

The Tasting

The tasting is one of the most anticipated moments; it is the real closing of the circle. You have known the soil, the territory, the history of those wines, and those who produced them; you have discovered how they are produced and stored and now is the time when all these stories acquire a meaning and a meaning: tasting.

Wine & Lunch

The tour will start immediately with a visit to a family-run winery, where, accompanied by the staff, you will discover the company’s history, the peculiarities of the soil and the vinification methods, ending with the assisted tasting of three different types.

A rural house, hidden among the rows of vineyards, which bases its work on principles of honesty and respect, You will be able to taste white wine, meats and cheeses, and other simple and quality local products, choosing them directly from the shelves, shelves and refrigerators placed available. You can then compose your personalized tasting in full autonomy, and finally, according to the price list, exit leaving the amount in the container for use at the cashier.

Food And Wine Pairings As A Starter

The main course arrives; take out your best bottle for a successful food and wine pairing!

Duck breast: What better than a wine from the South-West to perfect a duck breast? Serve a Bergerac or a red Cahors with powerful tannins to spice up this tender meat. You will tell us the news!

Fish: Serve Champagne on fish foil; it’s fresh, fragrant and sweet at the same time!

Chicken: A chicken curry will go perfectly with a red Côtes du Rhône or a Montagne Saint-Emilion (Bordeaux). The red wine will reduce the spicy side of the dish while enhancing the flavours of the poultry.

Which Wines To serve With Cheese

Red, white, rosé, there is something for everyone when it comes to cheese …

Hard cheese: To sublimate a sheep’s cheese, serve a red Irouléguy from the South-West. For a Comté, prefer a Jura wine with the Arbois appellation, whether in white, rosé or red, you have the choice!

Soft cheese: To perfect your Camembert, we advise you to taste it with a red Bandol from Provence. Serve a Bourgogne Aligoté blanc which will go very well with goat cheese: a soft and delicate accord at the same time.

Which Wines Enhance Your Desserts?

The end of the meal is approaching, and you still want to make your guests’ taste buds salivate?

Chocolate desserts: How not to eat chocolate for dessert? We recommend a Monbazillac du Sud-Ouest, a sweet wine, which will sweeten the chocolates with the most cocoa content. Otherwise, a Banyuls wine from Languedoc-Roussillon (white, rosé, red) will enhance your chocolate desserts as they should.

Fruit desserts: for a red fruit dessert, you can serve a Coteaux du Layon blanc from Pays de Loire, a sweet wine, to bring a touch of sugar to the fruit.

A Couple Of Tips

The wine tour (or tasting) comes in various levels. I conventionally divide them into three categories: 1) For beginners, 2) For those with experience, 3) For specialists.

Beginners are better off drinking something simple to navigate the wine system. You can go to a private wine farm. Better to choose cheap tastings without fear of low-quality wines. You also need to know those. Do not get carried away with expensive tastings – you still do not know what you are paying money for.

For those who already know a little about local wine-making, it is logical to look for non-trivial varieties. Homemade wines are less interesting to you, and it’s too simple.

If you are a specialist and a connoisseur, then you can afford expensive tastings. It can be costly, but you already know what you are paying for.

Kelowna Cider and Wine Tour Adventures

Cider and Wine Touring in Kelowna BC

You are going on vacation to a wine country and looking for the best place to wake up each morning to the view of picturesque vineyards. You have already reviewed all the offers and price ranges of wine tasting in nearby wine cellars. Or maybe you want to explore the gastronomy of a wine region not far from you.

Going to laze on a beach is not such a seductive idea as it used to be. Now you would like to get to know the locals who produce the wine and taste their local specialties. Knowing their history seems more interesting than sipping a cocktail on a crowded beach. Tasting is the first step towards getting to know the true local spirit. And once you’ve tasted a delicious wine, you might also want to know the winemaker who produced that perfect wine.

What to expect from a wine tour in Kelowna, British Columbia

It is well known that anyone who loves wine also loves sharing a glass with friends. We welcome you with a smile on our lips: and sympathy and authenticity are our watchwords! Our wines are known worldwide, but the territories where it is produced are still virgin for tourism: a food and wine tour in the Kelowna lands is still an authentic experience that is worth living!

The Cellar

A wine tour is primarily an immersive stay and, in its way, also educational in a limited territorial area, which has as its main theme the discovery of the wines and cellars of that same place.

A wine tour can include a visit to one or more wineries, and its duration can vary according to tastes and the area in which it is organized: you can sell out everything in the day or take tours that last weeks.

The organization can be delegated to an agency or tour operator, or you can take care of it yourself, booking online visits to the wineries that you consider most suitable.

But beyond the duration and organization, it is the phases of a wine tour and what to expect from it that interests us most.

Subsequently, the wine-making and ageing process is closely observed and explained inside the cellar. The link with the territory is always central, just as it is in the identity and character of the wine produced.

The visit to the cellars naturally changes according to the time of year.

The itinerary continues inside the wine-making cellar, where guests remain suspended on walkways, to observe from above the steel tanks in which the transformation from must to wine takes place. And here, during the harvest period, the smell is intoxicating, and you can watch all the processes.

The tour ends in the cellar, entirely underground, where the wines age under suggestive vaults.


Kelowna BC the city of 4 season playgrounds close to nature. People come from all over the world to enjoy the  natural pleasures of Kelowna including  beaches, fresh water lakes, hiking, biking, wineries, golfing, swimming and running